Post Investment

The management team of Hua Capital possesses outstanding industry practical experience and rich investment expertise. We have long been committed to cultivating and accumulating extensive networks and profound industry resources. With our multidimensional post-investment empowerment capabilities, we have become trusted investment partners for entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with numerous industry elites and expert advisors with practical experience distilling and summarizing the growth experiences of world-class technology companies they have witnessed. Combining these insights with the growth needs of early and mid-stage technology enterprises, we meticulously organize the "Hua Capital Growth Training Camp." This program aims to assist our invested companies in founder and executive team development, strategy and execution, business capability growth, and management improvement.

We provide consulting empowerment to address the pain points and solve specific management issues faced by our invested companies.
By focusing on enhancing operational capabilities in areas such as strategy, finance, organizational talent, research and development, marketing, and supply chain, we combine training and action to build a dynamic system that drives sustained growth for companies. Our aim is to facilitate the transition from addressing individual pain points to establishing a comprehensive framework for growth.
Through the Hua Capital Growth Center's post-investment digital intelligence platform, we provide assistance to our invested companies in conducting organizational health assessments. Leveraging the platform, we extend our support from individual cases to a broader scope, benefiting the entire organization.
By integrating the ecological resources of our invested companies, we foster collaborative development among them, effectively constructing an industrial ecosystem. This approach promotes innovation in strategy, business, finance, and human resource organization, enabling a breakthrough from a comprehensive perspective and achieving a holistic transformation.
By focusing on the key areas of iterative upgrading at different stages of technology companies,
we effectively assist enterprises in exploring the path to success.
  • Stages of seed
  • Angel
  • Venture capital
  • Growth
  • Scale
8 Training Modules
Private Board Meeting for Founders
Strategic Planning and Decoding
Business Capabilities
R&D Managemen
Key Account Marketing
Planning And Supply
Management Skills
(budget and business
One On One
In the process of providing personalized consulting and tailored guidance for enterprises based on their inflection points and development conditions, we place a strong emphasis on gaining a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by technology companies. We provide precise and effective solutions and are committed to helping these companies achieve sustainable development and long-term success.
  • For us, Hua Capital is a cornerstone investor by truly combining investment and entrepreneurship. After we select Hua Capital for the pre-A financing, we have set aside a quota for Hua Capital in each round of financing because growing with Hua Capital has been a very important part of our strategy.

    Liu Deheng

    CEO, Silicon Integrated Co., Ltd.

  • With the insight of the industry and our strategy, Hua Capital has accompanied us all the way since the angel round financing, contributing to our corporate strategy, talent introduction, financing and development with helpful guidance.

    Wu Di


  • Hua Capital really cares about the growth of startups, focus on the development patterns of industries and the business philosophy of the founders. With their insight in toB tech industry, they give guidance on the pace and focus of various companies at different stages of development.

    Hou Shiguo

    CEO, Hanshow

  • Hua Capital has unique experience in the high-tech industry and deep insight in Nuvolta's customers. It provides systematic training on strategy, sales, and personnel at the "plane" level, and strategic guidance at the "point" level.

    Wang Xintao

    CEO, Nuvolta

  • As Hua Capital has team members from our industry, they can support our development from the corporate perspective. Hua Capital has helped us building a complete core team and connecting with our strategic clients, provided practical help in our development.

    Wan Yucong

    CEO, Flagchip as Flagship

  • Hua Capital is experienced in both industrial entrepreneurship and capital operation, with deep understanding of strategies, management and operation, offering great support to our founding team. During the strategies and core team leadership building, they help us identify core problems at each stage to resolve the problems through seminars.

    Jiang Yongxing

    CEO, CassTime

  • With deep insight into different industrial sectors, Hua Capital is an excellent supporter to companies from the perspective of entrepreneurs, providing tailored comprehensive advices of product, management and resource.Wu

    Wu Jinggang

    CEO, Innoscience

  • Being one of our most important investors, Hua Capital has been assisting us to grow in terms of strategy and organizational development and other critical areas. We are honored to go forward with Hua Capital on our entrepreneurial journey.

    Zhou Wei


  • As a leader of our pre-A financing, Hua Capital continued to support us in subsequent rounds, enable us to comprehensively understand industry trends by valuable recommendations for different stages of our business and management evolution. It is a trustful investor for EPICMEMS.

    Jia Bin


  • The management team of Hua Capital has excellent, extensive and practical experience in investment. With their vision in the sci-tech sector, and their persistence in supporting enterprises through value investment and professional supports, it is highly compatible with the social value of Keen. We are honored to have the in-depth cooperation with Hua Capital.

    Yu Yang

    CEO, Keen

  • Hua Capital is a boutique fund committed to listening to and understanding founders of hi-tech companies, providing post-investment supports as needed. Especially during the years of turmoil for venture capitals, Hua Capital provided us with rational advices based on our situation, helping PPIO quickly adjust its business model and capital development path to progress in the past three years aginst the headwind.

    Yao Xin


  • Hua Capital has a rich knowledge in hard technologies and expertise of management and product marketing for hi-tech companies. It also focus on the pain points and difficulties faced by companies during growth, providing specialized and well-developed solutions to their customers.

    Ni Chuan

    CEO, Len Technology